About us

The Bahamas Virtual School offers alternative solutions to their educational needs for students in unique situations wishing to earn an accredited online high school diploma.

Self-paced, student-centered instruction provides a rigorous academic school curriculum and vocational programs. 

Online courses are the primary means of instruction for our students. The educational environment is designed for each student to have accessibility, efficacy, constructive, nurturing, and tailored to individual needs. Our students learn a disciplined approach to self-paced academic instruction, growth, and development.

The Bahamas Virtual School academic counselors assist each student in evaluating educational, career, and personal goals to create a learning path that accommodates their individual academic needs. We are aware that some students do not fit the traditional school model for various reasons, and the Bahamas Virtual School offers an alternative solution to address students’ learning styles.

The Bahamas Virtual School & Our Partners Have









Our History

The Bahamas Virtual School was created in August of 2018 and established the school in January 2019, and began accepting local students in June 2019.

Who we are

The Bahamas Virtual School (BVS) is a school designed for students who are looking for freedom and focus while working in a self-paced learning environment that would otherwise be difficult if enrolled in a full-time middle/high school program. BVS offers a variety of programs from individual courses and adult diplomas, to NCAA Student-Athlete and Dual Credit diploma programs, as valuable options. The resulting qualifications in each case are student graduates who qualify to attend any college locally or in the United States.

What we do

We Offer an only  Solution for:

  • Adult Diploma program for those needing a second chance.
  • Dual Diploma where students can earn a Florida diploma.
  • NCAA courses for student-athletes trying to qualify for US Colleges.
  • Credit Recovery for students who have fallen behind.
  • ART (Ask Real Teachers) an On-demand teacher assistance program.