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Bahamas Virtual School curriculum consists of engaging content that has been proven to be effective.
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With so many schools to choose from, getting your education online may seem like a harrowing process. You may be concerned about the cost of tuition or the length of the program, but what if you completed your education only to learn that your diploma is worthless? Checking a school’s accreditation is the most important step to choosing the best online school for you.

BVS is a private school that delivers accredited, affordable online education powered by partnerships with American High School to support the 24 credit American diploma pathway, and with Discovery Learning Development Center to support the 27 credit Bahamian national diploma pathway.

The education provided through this partnership follows a planned college preparatory and career-based plan. These pathways are made for Grades K-12 students throughout the U.S., the Bahamas, and Internationally. Students receive both core curriculum and career-based online courses. The courses range from core curriculum areas such as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. To career courses in  Healthcare, Game design, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology to name a few.

Key Accreditation Partnerships

Director: Emon Williamson

Discovery Learning Development Center

Our partner school Discovery Learning Development Center can be found listed on The National Accreditation and Equivalency Council website, which is the accreditation body overseeing all institutions in the Bahamas. It is an excellent place to look when checking a school’s credentials.

The Bahamas Virtual School (BVS) is offered through Discovery Learning Development Center (DLDC). BVS is a private learning platform that extends DLDC’s traditional courses to parents looking for an accredited, affordable, online education for Grades K-12 students throughout the Bahamas.

COO: Jason R. N. Beneby

American High School

American High School. Which provides recognized, college prep, and career-based education to students in grades K-12 from all around the world. Leading accreditation authorities, such as Cognia, have fully accredited American High School (U.S. Department of Education approved Accrediting Agency).

AHS is an SACS-CASI Accredited online k-12 school. AHS is the only school to offer VIRTUAL REALITY Courses. AHS is excited to offer a revolutionary curriculum for students all over the world! AHS’s curriculum focuses on authentic learning experiences; specifically designed to provide students with courses that lead to industry certification, and college credit.

AHS Accreditations

DCLC Accreditation and NCAA