2021 - 2022 Bahamas Virtual School Course List

Middle School Science

General Science Grade 6

This course covers various scientific areas, including life’s structure and function, diversity of life, life and the environment, Earth’s air and water, Earth’s space, matter, forces, energy, electricity, and magnetism.

Life Science Grade 7

The seventh grade Life Science covers livings things around us serves as the subjects of study for this course, including ecology, cell life, structure, life processes, classification, genetics.

Physical Science Grade 8

The eighth-grade program looks at the Physical Sciences of chemistry and physics. The major topics are matter and energy and how life can be changed for man’s good.

High School Science

Anatomy & Physiology

This course aims to enable students to develop an understanding of the relationships between the structures and functions of the human body. The content should include, but not be limited…


Biology will provide opportunities to students for general exploratory experiences and activities in the fundamental concepts of life. Topics will include but not be limited to the scientific method, measurements…


Chemistry will provide opportunities for students to study the composition, properties, and changes associated with matter. Topics will include but not be limited to: classification and structure of matter, atomic theory…


Physics will provide students with an in-depth study of the theories and laws governing the interaction of matter, energy,
and the forces of nature. Topics will include but not be limited to kinematics, dynamics, energy, work…


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