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Bahamas Virtual School curriculum consists of engaging content that has been proven to be effective.
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Bahamas Virtual School curriculum consists of engaging content that effectively prepares students for college and careers in a 21st Century workplace.

Whether students are at a current grade level, behind in school, or at an advanced level, we can accommodate the unique needs in an online environment in which you will thrive and prosper. Bahamas Virtual School is an outstanding online school designed to meet specific needs wherever you are in your education path.

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Popular Courses for 2022

Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our excellent staff team are committed and dedicated.

Biology 50%
Geometry 20%
English 70%

College preparatory programs

Our partnership with American High School allows students to take college-level credit courses that will enable them to earn credits will in high school and have those credits transfer to colleges like Jacksonville University. 

Name Teacher Class
Hall, Dr. Derek Teacher Language Arts
Neeraja, Amura Teacher Science
Bowles, Phillipa Teacher Math
Lindros, Angel Teacher Social Studies
Pratt, Mickelle Teacher French
Martinez, Guillermo Teacher Spanish