The Bahamas Virtual School is the best virtual online K-12 school in the Caribbean offering accredited online school education for K-12 students. We offer fully-accredited online school courses for students K-12 anywhere in the world. Our school partners are regionally, nationally, and internationally accredited.


  • K – 12 Grades
  • Adult Learner
  • Dual Diploma
  • Credit Recovery
  • NCAA Student-Athlete
  • Summer School
  • CTE Course
  • Virtual Reality
  • Students and teachers interact in online classes.
  • The teacher guides the student and provides specific learning activities and assessments.
  • The student is assessed through assigned college preparatory assignments.
  • Students participate actively in the learning process.
  • All courses and lessons facilitated by the teachers engage students.
  • Parents receive timely reports about the children’s performance in the courses.

As well as domestic students, we accept international students as well. As an international student, you can apply for admission to the Bahamas Virtual School. Bahamas Virtual School students are guaranteed a high-quality education beyond their geographical boundaries.

We offer a K-12 online school curriculum that is effective and a viable alternative to the traditional school curriculum. As an education and knowledge provider, we help students develop critical thinking skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and improve communication and collaboration. This is what will help them succeed in their future education, careers, and lives.

Through the support of highly qualified teachers, the Bahamas Virtual School offers genuinely effective traditional education programs. Our fully accredited curriculum, teaching methodology, and regular student-teacher interaction have made us one of the most popular choices for parents to enroll.

Students who are interested in earning grades for elementary school, middle school, and high school may take courses at the Bahamas Virtual School. From kindergarten to 12th grade, all of our courses are transferable to other schools nationwide. We also offer diploma programs that are recognized and accepted by colleges and universities.

Open 7 days
Bahamas Virtual School curriculum consists of engaging content that has been proven to be effective.
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